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About Me

I'm an Environmental Scientist and am currently in the Biology & Urban Sustainability Ph.D. program at Wayne State University where I focus on aquatic ecotoxicological research and water sustainability.  Currently, I'm exploring if and how PFAS may influence the toxicity of microplastics to aquatic invertebrates.  Previously, I have completed field surveys to understand microplastic accumulation in rivers, as well as in soils at green infrastructure sites.  In addition to my doctoral research, I have and continue to participate in collaborative research and outreach activities.  

As our rivers and lakes contain multiple contaminants, I generally focus more on the interactions between multiple stressors (i.e. metals-fine sediment, toxic algae-pesticides, PCBs-Temperature-Salinity, microplastics-PFAS) and how that impacts aquatic life and the health of our drinking water resources.  To be even more general, my interests are in descriptive and regulatory toxicology, community ecology, ecological theory, and the applied sciences.  My previous research experience was at Wayne State University, University of Illinois/Illinois Natural History Survey, Colorado State University, Toyo University, and Texas Tech University.  I've performed lab toxicology experiments, joined the search for mayfly nymphs, went on surveys for mussels, performed field and mesocosm experiments in the mountains, exposed toxic algae to pesticides, and now I'm back in Detroit focused on urban sustainability & microplastics!

So since you are here, feel free to check out the site.  See what projects I'm working on or the insects I'm identifying, or check out my veeery active social media pages. Thank you!








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