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A list of resources and tools I have used in the name of research.

Writing Publications

For Publications & Work Productivity

  • Mendeley - Great for organizing all those pdf with obscure file names.  Does all the work for you and they have a really good app.  So you can feed your urge to read articles anytime.
  • Google Scholar Alerts - Get email alerts to see the newest research published based on my search terms.
  • Trello - Brainstorming and listing topics to include in each section of my manuscript and also for listing key citations.
  • Microsoft Word & Powerpoint - Word for writing the paper and importing citation from Mendeley. Powerpoint for exporting high quality, publication ready .tif files of schematics and data figures.

For Research & Data Analysis

  • R - Great for people who have a lot of love for codes or just want to use the Rcmdr package.
  • SAS - More intuitive, easy, and fast...but not free.
  • JMP Pro - Also not free, but it's an easy point-and-click program and doesn't require typing code like R and SAS.
  • ArcGIS - Make cool maps.  Also comes with good statistical packages.
  • QGIS - Best free and easy to use mapping program I've found that's most similar to ArcGIS.
  • Primer v7 - Great for performing PERMANOVA and multivariate statistics.
  • Microsoft Excel - Mainly use for data management and creating graphs.
  • Physiology Web - Various calculators for conversions and preparing solutions.
Cool Books

Identification Guides

  • Field Guide to Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest
  • An Illustrated Guide to the Mountain Stream Insects of Colorado
  • An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America


Other Cool Books

  • Freshwater Mussel Ecology: A Multifactor Approach to Distribution and Abundance (2008)
  • Ecotoxicology: A Comprehensive Treatment (2007)
  • Sediment in streams (1995)
  • The Ecology Of Aquatic Insects (1984)
  • The Philosophy of Ecology: from Science to Synthesis (2000) - Currently Reading